Traditional masks serve as a starting point for this project proposal.

Our Masks

The masks include mask production, costumes and musical instruments.


To provide students with knowledge and skills to make masks a state-of-the-art product.

Masks Project

A network of twelve European public and private partners for online training, mobility and living lab activities.
Four European countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania) where the masquerade tradition is still strongly present in rural areas.
A training and learning path addressed to students with the direct involvement of local craftsmen, guardians of the tradition.
9 July 2024
Mercado de Culturas... à Luz das Velas

Our partner, the Academia Ibérica da Máscara has organised an exhibition of Iberian masks in Lagoa (Algarve, Portugal) in the ninth edition of the event "Mercado de Culturas... à Luz […]

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8 July 2024
XIII Edition of the Gathering of Anthropological Masks in Tricarico

Between tradition and contemporaneity, Tricarico - a small village in Basilicata in the province of Matera in Italy - has been hosting the International Gathering of Anthropological Masks for 13 […]

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27 June 2024
The Pandosia workshop - clay and papier-mâché modelling course

The course will take place between Matera and the innermost area of Basilicata, with the possibility of attending lessons that in a first phase will take place in the City […]

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MASKS project
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